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What is Breast Revision Surgery?

If you’re dissatisfied with the results of your primary breast augmentation or have experienced an implant rupture, you may need breast revision surgery. A breast revision is performed to correct unsatisfactory results from a primary augmentation or replace old or ruptured implants. However, a breast revision is a delicate procedure and must be performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon specializing in the latest cutting-edge techniques. Dr. Boustany performs specialized breast revisions to address your concerns.

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You may need breast revision surgery if:

  • Your breasts are larger/ smaller than desired
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical
  • You have experienced capsular contracture of the implants
  • You have experienced a breast implant rupture
  • Your breast implants are malpositioned
  • Your implants’ wrinkles and creases are visible on your skin
  • Your implants are improperly spaced
  • Your implants are too high/ low on the chest wall
  • You are experiencing complications because of a botched surgery

Do you need to replace older breast implants?

Breast revisions aren’t only necessary because of mistakes in the previous procedure, complications, or undesired results. You may also need a breast revision because your breast implants have simply grown old since they don’t last forever. Older implants can eventually rupture or lead to a hardened sensation on your breasts because of capsular contracture. In these situations, you’ll need a breast revision to extract and replace the breast implant.

What happens during breast revision surgery?

Your breast revision surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure at a premier Boston hospital under the care of Harvard-affiliated healthcare professionals. The surgery is similar to your primary surgery. The surgeon will place incisions in the same location as your previous incision, if possible. The surgeon may remove the older implants and provide new implants. The specific steps involved are customized according to your needs and concerns.

Have you experienced an implant rupture?

Implant ruptures in saline implants are obvious because the saline leaks out, and the implant is deflated. However, implant ruptures in silicone implants are harder to identify because the silicone may leak out but remain within the surgical pocket. That’s why women with silicone implants should go for regular MRIs. Breast implants are guaranteed, so if you need a breast revision because of an implant rupture, the manufacturer might cover a part of the treatment cost, including some of the cost of the facility and anesthesia.

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Why choose Dr. Boustany for Your Breast Revision Surgery?

You must select the correct breast revision surgeon, especially if your primary procedure led to complications or undesired results. Dr. Boustany is a Harvard fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with specialized experience with the latest breast augmentation and revision techniques. She starts your breast revision journey with a private consultation wherein you discuss all your concerns in an open environment. She listens to your concerns and curates a personalized treatment plan that aims to address your unique concerns, ensuring optimal, safe, and natural-looking results.


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