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About Fat Graft Breast Augmentations

While breast implants are safe and have been used for decades, some women prefer natural solutions to breast augmentation. Thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery and science, we can now perform breast augmentation through fat redistribution within your body. Fat graft breast augmentation is a completely safe and natural procedure wherein excess fat tissues are drawn from one part of your body and strategically injected into the breasts. It can help you achieve an increase of 1 cup size per session. Dr. Boustany specializes in fat graft breast augmentation for women seeking natural solutions.

A safe and natural approach
to breast augmentation

Fat graft breast augmentation is completely safe and natural. During this procedure, healthy fat cells are extracted from one part of your body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injected in various layers into your breasts. Your body recognizes the fat cells, so there’s no risk of allergic reactions or complications. The fat cells naturally integrate into your body and become a part of your breasts, ensuring natural results.

Enhance your breasts and
contour your body

As mentioned previously, fat graft breast augmentation involves redistributing fat cells from one part of the body to another. As such, this procedure involves gentle liposuction of a part of your body with excess fat tissues, such as the love handles, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc. This lets you slim down another part of your body while enhancing your breast volume, making it the ideal body contouring combination.

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The benefits of fat graft breast augmentation:

  • Your breasts feel soft and natural
  • There’s no risk of complications or allergic reactions
  • There are no visible scars on your breasts
  • The results are permanent and last a lifetime
  • You don’t need to undergo regular MRI scans to detect possible ruptures
  • There is no need for implant replacement in the future
  • Slims down a part of your body with excess fat tissues
  • Increases one cup size per session

What happens during fat graft breast augmentation?

Your fat graft breast augmentation is performed in a premier Boston hospital under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The surgeon uses gentle liposuction to extract healthy fat cells from a part of your body with excess fat, such as the thighs, tummy, or love handles. The fat is purified to isolate the healthy fat cells with a higher chance of survival. The healthy fat cells are carefully injected into your breasts at various depths according to your unique cosmetic expectations. After the procedure, you can have someone drive you home.

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Why choose Dr. Boustany?

Dr. Boustany is a Harvard fellowship-trained face, breast, and body plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She specializes in the latest surgical techniques and is officially certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is an immensely compassionate and empathetic surgeon, and all her patients feel completely comfortable under her care. She listens to your concerns to curate highly personalized breast augmentation plans that ensure safe, optimal results aligning with your expectations. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your fat graft breast augmentation options in Boston, MA.


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